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Yo, welcome to the world of the TRAP, where we're we go down as legends flippin the script on digital art. We've got a stash of 20,001 NFTY FLAKES, each one a rare digital pill that pushers and trap stars will collect for timeless clout.

Drawing inspiration from the street's raw energy, NFTY FLAKES is a fusion of urban grit and digital innovation. We're a family-run cartel, dealing in more than just art – we're dealing in power.

Welcome to the Flake game!

The Product

When you cop a NFTY FLAKE, you're getting more than a visually stunning piece. You're getting a powerhouse. Each Flake comes loaded with a variety of unique traits out of a total of 360 traits along with a hidden power level trait, making it a rare and valuable treasuer in the digital streets. This is where art meets strength, where each piece is as potent as it is beautiful.

The Flakes are stored as a TRC-721 token on the tron block chain using Tron's lightning-fast, low-cost platform, we're set to take over the digital block.

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The Flaky Road

And here's where it gets real exciting. In our exclusive NFTY Marketplace, you can take your hustle to the next Level. Trade, list, or swap your NFTY FLAKES based not just on their sick designs, but also on their power. It's a whole new layer to the game, giving you more ways to hustle and make moves.


Drawing inspiration from the raw energy street's where power means everything, each pill comes pressed to perfection with its own power level emebeded deeply into the mix.

It's more than just a vibe, its's a higher level of vibration!


Foundational Utility

While NFTY FLAKES offers no utility in the traditional sense, it opens a world of possibilities by being a digital artifact and a flexible canvas for future creative endeavors by paving a legacy of historical value and cultural significance in its uniquenss to impact culture and unlock the holders hidden power.

We invite lore writers, meatevers builders, game developers and digital creators to draw inspiration from our collection, envisioning new ways to repurpose, integrate or build on top of these digital masterpieces in the ever-evolving landscape of the digital world.

NFTY FLAKES will have you vibing on a whole new frequency!

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Step Up And Take Power

This is history in the making! Step into our world, join the hustle, and take your place in a legacy where each NFT is a testament to strength, artistry, and the spirit of the streets.


Contract Info

The Flakes are stored as a TRC-721 token on the Tron block chain using the decntralised web3 storage. With our nfts hosted on a decentralised platform you don have to worry about us pulling the rug on you. We beleive in our product, its just good business over here!

Why Tron?

Our choice of the Tron blockchain is strategic, aligning with our vision of accessibility, speed and innovation. Tron's competitive pricing, rapid transaction speeds, and the BTTC cross-chain connectivity make it the ideal platform for NFTY FLAKES


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